We are a team of open minded collaborative engineers that are passionate about their work. Our team has various engineering and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is curious and eager to learn and teach each other new skills. We promote clear communication and constructive discussions. Together we like getting things to work. To learn more about the personal story of how Snuk evolved, click here.

Our technology stack covers a wide set of engineering skill sets. We touch on every technology you need to build an IoT solution. Part of our architecture is cloud based (running on GCP and AWS), while a part of our software runs on (embedded) linux devices with various wired & wireless communication interfaces. Our deployment infrastructure is based on Docker. Most of our code is written in Go and our front-end is implemented in ReactJS. We are using Travis for our CI/CD.

We are going to jolt IoT into action. We are building an IoT infrastructure platform for smart hospitals. This platform runs multiple use cases and leverages the interaction between them. Snuk will be the go-to platform for any smart hospital application. As our platform matures, we'll build a ecosystem of partners creating applications on Snuk, and create an app store from which customers can pick their applications. For the end customer, think iPhones and the iOS/App store ecosystem, but for smart hospitals. For the application developers, think AWS Lambda for buildings.

Our entire team and office is in the centre of Berlin, which we share with WATTx, our company builder. So we get the best of both worlds: a small, dedicated team getting our product off the ground, but surrounded by a wider group of like-minded people to exchange ideas with.

To learn more about the personal story of how Snuk evolved, click here.



The team

  • Joeri


  • Boris


  • Filipe

    UX wizard

  • Moa


  • Hugues Lagrange


  • WATTx

    Our Friends

  • Nelson Pina

    Embedded Systems

  • Anastasios

    Front-end Developer

  • Marco Beyeler


  • Daria Dontsova

    Back-end developer

  • Weekly team lunch

  • Autonomy

  • Custom work setup